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Which Laser Marking Machine Is Suitable For PVC Material?

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 07, 2016

PVC material is a kind of non crystalline vinyl polymerization material, this substance has good endurance to oxidant, reducing agent and acid. Many products are made from this material, such as electrical enclosure, sewer, industrial parts, etc.. PVC materials is so widely used, processing on the surface of PVC turn to be very often an event.

Generally speaking, processing on PVC will use of near infrared laser or far infrared laser (for example, CO2 laser). The most common of far infrared laser marking is CO2 laser marking machine, laser wavelength is 10.6u. This kind of marking function on PVC play yellow & red handwriting, cause CO2 laser can do bigger power, such as 30W or 50W laser power, so this kind of machine can mark fast, high precision, suitable for processing line, instead of ink printing.

But CO2 marking yellow & red color on PVC most of time, this color not so popular, and near infrared laser such as fiber laser and semiconductor laser, both wavelength are 1064nm, this wavelength can mark black color on PVC, it is near like ink black printing, and customers more like this color.

Fiber laser is considered one of the best laser instead of semiconductor, its application prospect in the PVC material is the most anticipated, the fiber laser marking machine because the frequency can reach 80K, the beam is very small, with small spot galvanometer can achieve very high speed, in the subject line speed can reach or exceed the effect of CO2 laser.

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