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Two Characteristics Of The Laser Marking On Plastic

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 19, 2016

Plastic laser marking, generally use CO2 laser marking machine. General laser marking machine extensively apply in metallic and non-metallic surface, laser marking machine can be used to mark numbers, text, trademarks or machine code reading, for example, has a high information density, with different size arranged in close spatial data matrix code.

Two characteristics of laser marking on the plastic materials:

1. Precision marking: diode pumped laser, with high energy efficiency, like metal marking machine, have good ability to focus, it is very suitable for high precision marking. Diode pumped solid state laser has high beam quality, which makes the laser beam in the marking process get a small focus diameter. In this way, can realize small micron precision marking track width in small parts.

2. The absorption characteristics of the adaptation: used for marking the laser is usually generated in the infrared wavelength range of radiation. Green laser and ultraviolet laser are aimed at plastic and semiconductor materials. In the special marking application of laser engraving machine, the use of UV wavelength, and create a new laser marking on the subject of possible. Short wavelength directly with plastic composite products of photo-chemical reaction without heating, thus no material damage; in the plastics industry laser marking machine is now can not replace the role.

For now, in the application of plastic marking, the potential of the laser is far from play out. In addition to the above mentioned benefits, doubling laser and a third harmonic laser growing promotion, and combination of materials and processes of diversity, is for the application of laser in plastic industry develop more new areas. Laser marking machine marking in the plastic, in addition to free supplies, no pollution, but also has a fast speed, good marking effect, strong security features, widely welcomed by the enterprise.

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