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Three Kinds Of Processing Methods Of CNC Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 07, 2016

In the field of metal cutting, CNC laser cutting machine is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated processing, in the eyes of most of the enterprises and the operation personnel, laser cutting type may not much difference, but as a professional laser processing point of view, according to the characteristics of the different metal materials, CNC laser cutting machine processing methods will also differ.

1. CNC laser cutting machine flame cutting method

Laser flame cutting and laser melting and cutting of the difference: the use of oxygen as a cutting gas, the use of oxygen and heat after the interaction between the metal, resulting in chemical reactions to further heat the material. This way, for the same thickness of the structural steel, the laser cutting rate is higher than the melting cut.

In addition, this method is more poor than the melting and cutting method. In fact, it will generate a wider kerf and obvious roughness, the heat affected zone increased and more poor edge quality. Laser precision machining in flame cutting model and a sharp point is not good (sharp will burn the workpiece). Pulse mode can be used to limit the thermal effects of the laser, the power of the laser determines the cutting speed. In the case of a certain laser power, the limiting factor is the supply of oxygen and the heat conductivity of the material.

2. CNC laser cutting machine gasification cutting method

Laser vaporization cutting process, the material is vaporized in slotted, laser power is very high in this situation.

In order to prevent the condensation of steam to the cutting material, the thickness of the material must not greatly exceed the diameter of laser beam. This method is only used in the field of iron based alloys. Can not be used, like wood and some ceramics, etc.. In addition, these materials usually have to reach a much thicker cut. In the gasification and cutting of laser, the optimum laser beam focusing depends on the thickness of the material and the quality of the beam.

3. CNC laser cutting machine melting cutting method

In laser melting and cutting, the workpiece is partially melted and then injected through the air current to melt the molten material. Because the transfer of the material occurs only in its liquid state, so this method is called laser melting and cutting.

The laser beam with high purity inert gas to molten material from the cutting slot, and the gas itself does not participate in cutting. Laser melting and cutting can obtain higher cutting speed than gasification. The energy required for gasification is usually higher than the energy required to melt the material. In laser melting and cutting, the laser beam is only partially absorbed. The maximum cutting speed increases with the increase of laser power, and decreases with the increase of the thickness of the plate and the increase of the melting temperature of the material. When the laser power is certain, the heat conduction limit pressure and material factor is the rate. Laser fusion cutting for iron and titanium metal materials can be obtained Non- oxidation incision.

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