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The Reason Of The High-voltage Ignition Of Laser Engraving Machine

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 08, 2016

Two kinds of fire could be heard was the sound of firecrackers, fault phenomenon: divided into laser tube ignition tube and ignition two phenomena.

Causes of tube ignition fault:

A. There are bubbles. The laser tube not filled with water.

B. laser tube electrode leads to poor contact.

C. boot power order is not correct.

Quality problems of D. laser tube.

Elimination method:

A. observe in the laser tube has no bubble, be sure to remove air bubbles, the laser tube in the water, the laser tube along the water inlet direction is erected, let the bubbles out.

B. should turn off the power, if the ignition electrode at. To see if there is a loosening of electrode leads to ensure good connection.

C. turn on the laser power supply, the requirements of the customer power order: first open the total power to be completed by the machine reset. To prevent the power pre ionization ignition laser tube.

D. replacement laser tube.

The outer tube ignition fault:

A. poor contact, high pressure connector loose.

B. high pressure joint water is too large, humid environment. High pressure joint outward discharge caused by ignition.

C. There is a damaged phenomenon. Leakage of high voltage line.

Elimination method:

A. pull both ends of the high pressure joint connection, to ensure that the connection is good.

B. to ensure that the high pressure joint air dry, humid weather, high pressure connector seat without water.

C. high voltage wire breakage, must be replaced, otherwise it will cause the motherboard to work properly, note: high-voltage ignition. Serious when can cause the motherboard crash.

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