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Shenzhen Adopted Laser Burn Seal On Pig, Pig Has A New "identity Card"

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 12, 2016

Recently in Shenzhen market, many pork without traditional seal type quarantine inspection, instead of using a new form of laser carving technology.

Reporter interviewed Shenzhen Economic Information Committee and informed that, by the end of 2016, Shenzhen will be completed slaughtering all field main production line laser ignition moment and quarantine logo construction work, sliced pork laser burning and lithography will gradually replace the traditional artificial drum type acupuncture carcass physical disease checking seal.
Sliced pork laser carving technology, refers to the advanced laser carving technology, applied to the pig carcass inspection mark. The working principle is basically same like the convex lens converging sun light ignition match, through the effective use of laser energy, laser beam instantaneous speed across the sliced pork skin, resulting in local high temperature physical burning, the laser beam of place, the surface material instantaneous vaporization, burning and carving a legible, do not erase the quarantine identification information, the burning moment process without any added substance, not of pork and the surrounding environment caused by pollution.
Laser carving and quarantine logo is used of laser carving in the pork skin animal quarantine, information encoding and enterprise name etc.. To identify information clearly and effectively, will not be erased as a carrier for the safety of pork products can be found, can be traced back to provide an ideal means of supervision and information chain based.
With the traditional artificial drum type acupuncture carcass physical disease inspection stamp compared to laser ignition moment carcass medical disease checking seal, has to recognize the characteristics of high and difficult to be forged and health and safety, the technology has spread in Beijing, Xiamen and other places.

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