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Several Main Problems Of The Scanning Head Of The Laser Marking Machine

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2016

Several main problems of the scanning head of the laser marking machine:

A: standard square into a trapezoidal or diamond shaped;

B: square frame of the occurrence of pillow shaped or barrel shaped deformation.

Solution to the distortion of the scanning head of the laser marking machine:

It is an inherent phenomenon of the A: to generate the distortion of the shape of the pillow or barrel, which is determined by the scanning mode of the vibrating mirror. The solution is to correct the distortion of the signal;

B: correction method has two kinds, one is hardware correction, the current use of less. The other is software calibration, which is currently used more of a;

C: hardware correction method is to D/A card output analog signal, through a correction card, according to a certain law to change its voltage value, and then send the signal to the vibration lens;

D: software correction method is to hit the standard software itself with the correction function, in the marking process, the first digital signal, according to a certain method of processing, and then send the signal to the D/A card.

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