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Semiconductor Laser Cutting Quartz Glass

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 06, 2016
The laser processing technology innovation, the use of low power laser, laser cutting glass can make the separation of the emergence of new technologies, such as heat melting caused by the impact of technology without cutting glass, new technology and traditional mechanical cutting tools that controlled the different laser beam energy in a non-contact way of glass cutting the formation of a smooth, straight crack, no debris and micro cracks appear, so the laser cutting edge strength increased significantly, from the subsequent processing. Laser cutting can be used to cut the glass thickness of 0.1mm to 4mm. The factors that affect the cutting speed are: the thickness of the glass, the coefficient of thermal expansion, and the output power of the laser. In contrast, the same thickness of the same thickness of the glass of the same kind of glass faster than the laser, but this difference can be laser cutting brought about by the economic and quality advantages.
The glass laser cutting system is carefully designed, and it is a complete set of equipment, including: laser, machine tool part, light path part, cooling device, numerical control part and so on. Because the crack is precisely along the laser beam to draw off the trace separation, so can achieve stability of linear cutting, can also cut very accurate curve patterns, and can achieve a high repeatability. The superiority of laser cutting glass is mainly due to: high precision, no cracks, broken or debris, the edge of the glass of high resistance to rupture, keep the edges of the glass optical properties, without washing, grinding and polishing, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost, will not cause material loss.
Laser cutting glass has obvious advantages such as high processing speed, high precision, simple parameter setting and so on. Because the laser is a non-contact tool, there is no wear problem, so as to ensure the continuous, uniform thickness and edge of the cutting edge. Authoritative measurements show that the average roughness (Ra) is less than 0.5 mu m. Because the edges of excellent quality and natural tempering effect, laser cutting edge strength is very high, compared with the mechanical processing method and grinding samples, edge strength is increased by about 80%, the ability to significantly improve the damage resistance of parts. The increase in material strength reduces the likelihood of damage and loss, but also reduces the problem of premature failure in the field as a result of potential product defects. This is a major advantage for product design, designers can not only use a lighter, thinner materials, but also does not affect the product life.
Application of laser cutting glass, making mobile communications products with glass used in the electronic industry; including the thin glass is fragile parts, such as sensors, touch plate or glass shell, hope to reduce the processing steps to reduce the production cost; the existing production economic pressure needs huge production improvement, new glass laser cutting technology has become the first choice. Glass laser cutting is an innovative technology, has been widely used in electronics, automotive, construction industry, and the technology can be used in the processing of other brittle materials, such as sapphire wafer manufacturing materials, electronics industry, solar industry, semiconductor industry, other common materials etc..

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