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Oxidation Of Laser Engraving Machine Parts

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 02, 2016
Laser engraving machine composed of many parts, different components play different roles in the work, but the same is all of the components will appear such damage in the use of the process which, for oxidation in the components is a very serious problem.
The laser device uses a different method to different people and the degree of oxidation of laser equipment of different parts, there are a lot of customers will be questioned, why I will be oxidized, his equipment not, why my laser engraving machine is easy oxidation?
The degree of oxidation of the laser device is defined according to the user's protection, many people questioned, I also do the maintenance ah, the laser is also very clean, but when you think carefully, your device is really clean? The main cause of oxidation degree of laser equipment is composed of a suction device to the electronic components you once found oxidation of laser equipment, and poor contact will be considered under the suction device you do how, in the suction device, the cleaning effect of needless to say, the maintenance is not essential. Just the surface to be cleaned, is put inside, and wind pipe! Once the device maintenance is not in place, not only as a rapid oxidation, will cause serious pollution of the laser lens, and even spread to the laser tube, so the oxidation of laser engraving parts once found at the same time, we must immediately to the suction device for finishing, such is a mention of the best way to prevent. Is the regular inspections of air suction device!

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