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Method For Cleaning Optical Parts Of Laser Cutting Machine

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 30, 2016

Once the optical components of the laser cutting machine are contaminated or even stick to the cutting products of small particles, it is an extremely important and often overlooked problem, the following list of cleaning points:


1) lens cleaning: clean the lens paper bent into several fold, with a few drops of pure acetone soaked; gently wipe the lens surface wet lens paper, lens can't note finger pressure; repeated several times, until the lens surface clean, no dirt and residual traces in the mirror; with dry air dry when necessary; put a few drops of acetone wet paper into rod lens, gently scrub the surface of the lens, to remove the heavy dirt drops.  


To note is easy to absorb moisture and water pollution of acetone acetone itself from the air, so to cover tight acetone acetone liquid bottle, do not be cleaned after the rest of the back to the new bottle of acetone.


2) cleaning mirror lens: remove the lens from the frame; the mirror upward, the lens paper on the mirror; in the lens paper a few drops of acetone, and gently pull up a mirror lens paper; repeat the above process until the mirror clean, no dirt and stains in the mirror mirror; slice into the mirror seat.


If the molybdenum mirror as a mirror, because it can not be coated, polishing can be used directly, so it can be used with water (soap water or detergent containing water) cleaning mirror. But other surface coating of the lens can not be washed with water, because many of the coating dissolved in water, the lens will be destroyed.

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