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Marking Flexible Circuit Board By Laser Marking Machine

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 30, 2016

Flexible circuit board: to polyimide and polyester film substrate printed along the circuit board, with high density, small size, light weight and other characteristics are assembled. It is widely used on the connecting parts of electronic products, is currently in the small industrial scale, but the rapid development stage. It has a very good electrical performance, can adapt to the micro, high precision of the installation design needs, is now a small electronic products and mobile design of the preferred material. Free bending, winding, folding, repeated bending are difficult to damage wire, can based on the layout of the space for free to arrange, can achieve the integration of components and wires connected in different space, greatly reduces the volume and weight of electronic products, is a strong guarantee for the now electronic products with high density, miniaturization, high reliability.

In the future, flexible circuit board, smaller and more complex will become the future direction of development, the traditional processing methods due to its own conditions, the limit is difficult to meet the need, in order to achieve a more refined flexible circuit design, you need to more sophisticated processing solutions. Because now the UV laser marking machine, with high energy laser beam, PI, polymer materials to convert light energy into chemical energy, under the action of precision laser beam, part is connected with the chemical bonds of the atoms and molecules of the material changes, so as to achieve the purpose of surface treatment, in the manufacturing process due to short processing time, energy is concentrated, so almost no damage items processing surface. Whether this is a in the machining accuracy and quality can be effectively guaranteed. Although the UV laser marking machine price is still more expensive than the traditional processing equipment, but the technology requirements of the mark, but it is now difficult to reach the other processing methods. It is believed that laser technology in the future will be a powerful and flexible processing solutions for the future, to provide a powerful guarantee for the future of flexible circuits to smaller, more complex.

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