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Machine Tool Factory Turned Quanzhou To Build "window Of East Asia" Creative Park

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 11, 2016

Recently, the reporter learned from the Quanzhou Municipal Commission in 2015 in urban planning, "window on the East Asian" creative Park projects already have a start condition, recently started a period intended to keep rebuilding and reinforcement of building projects. According to reports, the window on the East is the source and 1916 Yuan, leading show world record after the Park, Quanzhou and a creative base.

Quanzhou Municipal Commission staff told reporters that the East window of the Park is located in No. 247, Chong Fu Road, licheng district, covering an area of about 34,700 square meters, mainly obsolete machine tools plant construction by overseas Chinese groups in cultural and creative industrial park. Park to "East culture, tastes; Chinese for this, fully inclusive inclusive" for purposes, integration China Royal culture, and East four country (in the, and Han, and towards, and day) culture and min Taiwan culture, in full show East culture elements of while, using sound, and light, and electric, performance form, provides a new of East culture exchange show platform, for Quanzhou "East culture of are" construction added new connotation.

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