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Laser Precise Description Technology Applied In Diamond Jewelry Industry

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 21, 2016

This laser system is mainly composed of laser source, laser focusing, imaging optical system, translation table, drive system, input / output control card, computer and control software.

Laser output with high peak power laser, the beam expanding lens and lens formation, becomes small diameter spot and focused on the object surface, in the local formation of light irradiation of high energy density, materials absorbing light and converting it into heat, heat will through the conductive material to a gasification, so as to achieve the purpose of marking. The power of laser intensity and pulse width is the key factor of laser beam interactions with materials, the stronger, the more narrow pulse width, deeper characterization. The focus spot size and quality is the important factors to effect of laser precise characterization, the size of the focused laser is also affected by the influence of laser beam quality, so the size of the focal spot decision laser fine incised lines of thickness.

Laser scribing machine working process: laser beam after vibration mirror system, over lens focus on the surface of object, computer control galvanometer movement. The beams move in a set of path and on the surface of the workpiece forming the etch.

Diamond laser micro engraving machine working process: optical system will show diamond image on the CCD pixel surface, CCD image and display on the computer screen for lettering and the selection of the position, to ensure that the laser beam focusing on surface of the selected area. Diamond laser micro engraving machine were scanned by moving objects, motorized translation stage the object according to the setting of the path for two-dimensional moving, so as to realize the laser beam etching is formed on the surface of objects, the method is more suitable for fine scale moment.

Diamond laser micro carving machine is using the beam quality M2<1.05, pulse width <3ns, wavelength 1064nm YAG Q infrared pulse laser, the device has the following advantages:

The use of independent research and development with international advanced level of Q-switched laser, laser beam quality, interaction with matter time <3ns, thermal effect is very small; high-power beam expander and dual band elimination aberration focus lens combined, the perfect design make the focal spot size ranging from 5 m;

Using high precision X-Y-Z CNC electric displacement platform and repeat positioning accuracy reached + 1 m; using laser and CCD microscope confocal optical sighting system. The micron is engraved diamond image and laser scribing and display on the screen, the operator's eyes can not feel tired; special design software can input and edit any text graphics, easy and simple operation. Each device can be used life of 20, 000 hours, total electricity consumption <200W. Without water, free maintenance.


Appplication areas:

With traditional diamond powder grinding and ion beam characterization methods are compared, fine laser scratching technique with marking speed quick, optional characters and patterns, writing clear and beautiful, the gloss and purity of diamond does not produce any effect, and has the advantages of safety, no pollution, simple operation and low cost advantages, so in diamond jewelry industry has been widely used.

As is known to all, the diamond is the hardest substance in the world, and is 150 times higher than the red one. People do jewelry with a small size of the diamond is very small, so want to achieve micro mark on its surface, the difficulty can be imagined.

Laser fine carving technology has the characteristics of deeper engraving, but also very suitable for the precious and fine small rings, necklaces and other jewelry surface to achieve permanent permanent mark. In today's jewelry market, personalized marking by the favor of customers, such as jewelry and other accessories in superscript special engraved text, greeting and personalized pattern etc.. In addition, laser precise characterization technique can also be in such as stainless steel, copper, silver, gold, platinum, K Jin, Bo Jinhe etc. the vast surface of most materials titanium products to achieve a variety of markers.

The laser has advantages of precise characterization technology is changing the traditional method of characterization, and will have a revolutionary impact on the jewelry industry. China diamond jewelry industry has entered a rapid development period since 1990s, the development speed of the diamond industry is even more alarming! Chinese as the world's second largest consumer of diamonds, the future development prospects. I believe that with the additional special significance of diamond jewelry industry development and the people to give such goods, fine characterization of laser technology will be applied more widely.

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