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Laser Marking Machine Work On Stainless Steel

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 09, 2016

Stainless steel is not easy to rust steel actually part of the stainless steel, both not rust, and acid resistance (corrosion resistance), is due to the formation of surface chromium rich oxide film (passive film). This kind of corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance are relative. Stainless steel material is essential for people's processing and production of engineering materials, use is very widely, covering many aspects of the present processing and production, has become one of the industry's essential processing materials. In the processing and manufacturing process of stainless steel, the products involved are very rich, we need to mark different stainless steel products. With the improvement of living standards, on product quality and appearance have different requirements, in the tagging process, not only need to mark surface is smooth and texture, but also need to have a very good comfort. For the high precision of the field, to meet the needs of these fine processing, but also need to ensure the quality of product processing, while the efficiency of the market needs to adapt to the present.

Stainless steel has more than 150 grades, surface gloss and performance differences, is widely used in many aspects of processing and production. In many stainless steel products and components, it is required to do some information on the marking, simple production date and letter marks, as well as the relatively high precision of bar code and two-dimensional code information. Different stainless steel products due to the use of different industries, in terms of shape, performance, there are some differences, so the use of traditional marking means to mark, it is difficult to meet the needs of today's processing. Fiber laser marking machine price although it is more expensive than traditional equipment, but in the tagging process both single line, contour line, or fill in the font, are able to show in the above drawing, by now the laser equipment and copy it on top of the stainless steel material, greatly adapted to the processing of stainless steel products diversified needs, but also in stainless steel products rich show style. The characteristics of fiber laser equipment, with low maintenance cost, long service life, the operation is convenient to use, marking effect fine, effectively ensures the stainless steel material, labeling, inject new impetus for now stainless steel manufacturing.

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