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Laser Marking Machine How To Color Marking On The Ceramic?

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2016

Laser marking machine is applied to the processing of various materials, ceramics are no exception. Laser marking machine marking the product is usually black or white, and now a variety of ceramic color, for the color of the logo is also the pursuit of a variety of color patterns. So laser marking machine how to make color marking on the ceramic?

Because the laser on the surface of the ceramics, diffuse reflection (near total reflection), so ceramic laser absorption is poor, how to make ceramic laser absorption, resulting in the formation of colored tokens?

Method in surface ceramic coating a layer of laser ceramic coatings, laser in ceramic coating on the surface of the marking, high-energy laser beam interaction with glazed ceramic, when the temperature reached 800 DEG C, color ceramic toner to will penetrate into the color of ceramic glaze, color coded craft. Laser coating is a color powder, process: first, add water and stir evenly, and then evenly coated on the surface of the ceramic, to be coated dry, using laser marking.

Another method is using laser decal, laser decals and paint compared operation is simple and convenient, process: laser Decal soaked in water, soaked after the laser decal stickers on the ceramic surface, laser Decal dry, and paste tightly on the surface of the ceramic, laser marking.

Characteristics of laser marking machine on color marking on ceramics:

1. The use of computer graphics, you can produce a variety of text and graphics, font rich, standardized, graphics generated fast, and can be arbitrary processing.

2. Bathroom industry wide variety of ceramic, different shapes, laser equipment can be used in optical fiber, made of portable, can be very convenient to carry out the movement marking.

3. Permanent marking, beautiful, precise, no pollution, low cost, can greatly improve the grade of products! Can effectively improve the quality of products.

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