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Laser Machines Application In Advertising Production

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 23, 2016

Laser engraving and cutting machine to promote the use of the advertising industry to bring new vitality, the growth of the signs to another application of the peak.

Laser engraving and cutting machine features advantages: processing object is wide, deformation is small, high precision, energy saving, non-contact processing, automatic processing and so on. Slit narrow, fine carving, can be convenient to process the thin, brittle, soft, hard materials and synthetic materials; cutting speed; no tool wear; easy to control, easy to work with production line.

Laser engraving cutting machine combines the efficacy of laser engraving and laser cutting, laser and control system put forward higher request, which combines the engraving and cutting all the advantages, one machine multi-purpose, more cost-effective, widely used in multiple industries advertising technology, mold, the printing plate, fur, leather, electronic instrumentation.

Laser engraving and laser cutting are two different ways of working. Laser engraving is usually made up of carbon dioxide laser, special laser engraving software and precision machinery. Laser cutting is a high energy laser beam which is used for melting or vaporization of the work piece, and the auxiliary gas can be blown out to form a cut. Laser cutting is one of the most mature and widely used laser processing techniques in laser processing.

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