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Laser Inner Engraving Technology Popular In Liquor Industry

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2016

Various types of liquor manufacturers have gradually using the wine bottle laser inner engraving technology to enhance the grade of wine.

Recently, a more advanced in the international new glass engraving processing methods, in the wine industry is becoming popular.

It is reported that the method is the use of laser glass, crystal inside the technology in the processing of glass engraving. In the glass, crystal and other internal focus, the size of the micron magnitude of the vaporization of the burst point, and then through the computer to control the burst point in the space of the glass body position, constitute a colorful three-dimensional image of the interior. This technique is not only suitable for in crystal glass, quartz glass, optical glass, ordinary glass, tempered glass in the realization of fine carving, also applicable to through the glass of the ABS resin play standard, as well as the glass on the surface of the silicon film cutting lamp field.

Semiconductor engraving machine due to the use of electro-optical modulation Q technology, frequency can reach 1KHz, in the plane can be carved in the continuous line, particularly suitable for the plane LOGO and text. For high-end liquor manufacturers, the use of laser plane carved in the bottle carved LOGO, can not only enhance the grade of products, but also can play the role of anti fake.

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