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Laser Inner Carving / Engraving

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 17, 2016

Laser inner carving will be a revolutionary change of glass deep processing industry , its energy-saving, environmental protection, automation degree high, realize the standardization, digitization, networked production, can also realize the remote monitoring and operation. It will greatly reduce worker's labor intensity and improve the working environment, and greatly improve production efficiency and product quality, is the upgrading of traditional craft of glass processing.

Energy-saving: the lasers usually 2 weeks to 5W, is laser 1000 hours of consumption of 2-5 degrees of electricity, is to add on transmission components for an hour just once, this and traditional sandblasting engraving, screen printing process, often need to ten or Sansishiqian watts of electricity.

Environmental protection: laser engraving is with a laser beam in the glass carving, no dust, no volatile substances, no emissions, no supplies, the external environment does not produce any pollution, cannot be compared to the traditional sandblasting engraving, screen printing, pickling and other and working environment of workers can have been greatly improved.

In addition, a high degree of automation: processing objects into the position, the whole process of production by the computer control, high degree of automation, compared to traditional blasting engraving process, the labor intensity of workers significantly reduced. Therefore, the laser engraving glass production is relatively easy to achieve standardization, digitization, network production, and can also implement remote monitoring and operation, low comprehensive cost.


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