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Laser Equipment Application In Die & Molding Industry​

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 10, 2016

With the continuous improvement of technology, laser equipment was widely adopted in the automotive, molding, machinery and other industries, especially in the molding industry has obvious advantages:

A: Large and medium-sized precision plastic mould

Large and medium-sized precision mould is mainly used in the automotive industry and the appliance industry, because these industries require high precision molding, laser processing machine can meet the requirement of parts processing. Currently, more than 50% processing industry in China will using the molding, especially on the CNC machine, laser cutting machine, die casting machine, molding machine and etc..

B: Small and medium precision mould

The demand for this type of mould is also quite large, many kinds, services are widely, a lot of manufacturing, mechanical and electrical industry to use it, laser processing machine plays a very important role in this field. Molding industry also led to the development of laser equipment, so the two are mutual promotion, mutual development.

C: Other precision mould

As the rapidly development of die casting magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, and rapidly development of chinas construction industry, laser processing machine widely use in this fields, such like allotype molding, plastic pipe molding.



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