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Laser Engraving On Double Color Plate

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 25, 2016

1. Double color plate

Double color plate is by two layers or more than two layers of color combinations, special engineering plastics in carving, the specification is generally 600X1200mm, small brands specifications for 600X900mm. ROWMARK to the United States with a stable quality, variety is recognized as the best product. Engraving of the double color plate is usually used for a variety of sign and the breastplate, uniform color, pattern clear, durable, and other characteristics. Can be divided into mechanical and laser with two categories in the double color plate, which is part of the mechanical plate can also be used for laser engraving. Laser engraving plate is characterized by a thin surface color layer (< 0.1mm), the entire board is also thinner than the mechanical plate some (laser board is generally 1.3mm~0.8mm, mechanical plate generally 1.5mm).

2. Engrave

Laser plate carving effect is very good, there is a clear contrast and clear edge. When using the surface of the thin plate, the engraving effect with the laser plate is not much difference, carefully look at the edge as clear as the laser plate. In contrast to the larger double color (such as black and white board), can be carved image design. In a large number of carved double color itself may be some deformation, available hot water heating after the hand tie.

3. Clean

After carving can use wet cloth or alcohol to clean the surface. Need to pay attention to is that engraving laser power is set too high, may make the double color plate attached to the surface of a layer of hard to wipe off the dust.

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