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Laser Cutting Has Become The Main Method Of Processing LED Wafer Dicing

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 11, 2016

LED is widely used in LCD TV backlight, car headlights, lighting equipment and other fields, for high brightness LED, the main processing method is the use of diamond cutting tool for cutting.

With the expansion of the market, to improve the productivity, the rate of qualified products put forward higher requirements, the rapid popularization of laser processing, in the high brightness LED processing, laser processing has gradually become the main processing methods.

Taiwan chip crossed generally require has more than 30um depth, LED wafer manufacturing technology is developing rapidly, for improving the luminous efficiency and brightness, wafer structure changes the dicing equipment often face a great challenge, diamond dicing machine due to dependence on the skill level of the operating personnel in the operation process, finished the passing rate is not stable, processing quality uneven. In addition, the operator must always pay attention to the device, cost, and as supplies of diamond cutting tool price is high, and easy to wear, replacement frequency high, resulting in high production costs, the traditional diamond tool cutting has not been able to meet the needs of the market.

By using the laser cutting machine, in the condition of maintaining the same brightness, cutting speeds of more than 100mm / s can be achieved is cutting tool for several times, significantly enhance the production efficiency, to provide a guarantee for the mass production.

Fully automatic machine, just enter the cutting parameters, and the chip box installed on the device, you can fully automatic operation, do not rely on the operator's skill level. At the same time, the laser is a non-contact processing, do not need to supplies and coolant in cutting, workpiece cut diamond dicing machine required the replacement time, reduce the operator's work time and workload, to further reduce the production cost.

Laser processing is mainly divided into two types of ablation cutting and stealth cutting, the principle of ablation cutting is to focus on the workpiece surface, the moment of the workpiece surface gasification cutting method.

In order to ensure the long-term stability of the quality of the products, UV laser dicing machine design the 3D precision workbench, automatic feeding, auto focus. Through the software automatic template recognition, angle correction, automatic contour search, contour correction, automatic gluing and cleaning function. In a short period of time has achieved a recognition of the industry and the enthusiastic response of the market.

In order to meet the market to the pursuit of a higher brightness chip, stealth laser cutting machine, basically will not affect the chip brightness process is undoubtedly the best choice. Past stealth dicing technology has been ruled by the Japanese companies, the Hamamatsu photonics Chu style clubs development LED wafer sapphire laser cutting technology, stealth dicing technology "StealthDicing", is the most advanced LED scribing technology, won the world's only invention patents.

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