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Laser Applications In Mobile Phone Manufacturing

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 24, 2016

Twenty-first Century electronic information age, mobile phone in our daily life is becoming more and more important, the future of the mobile phone market will be more broad. With the change of consumer's concept, the requirement of mobile phone manufacturing industry is higher and higher. Many cell phone parts have been converted from traditional technology to laser processing.

Each cell phone manufacturing process, there are a lot of laser processing technology.

Metal shell logo blot and other identification (metal marking white color technology);

Mobile phone shell metal anode marking (AAO hitting process);

Plastic mobile phone case marking (removal of coating process);

Plastic keyboard marking (removal of plating process);

Plate marking (removal of plating process) on metal mobile phone;

Laser activation of cell phone antenna (LDS process);

Silver paste etching of mobile phone screen (ITO silver paste line);

Product two-dimensional code identification;

Other mobile phone peripherals, such as the headset, charger, etc.

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