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Introduction Of The Core Technology Of The Optical Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 03, 2016

All fiber laser is the best way to industrialization, fiber laser is practical, is currently the only access to the commercialization and industrialization of technical solutions. The development of all fiber lasers to double clad fiber, cladding pumped coupling, fiber grating, high power semiconductor laser pumped multimode fiber laser and the 5 key technologies.

Five core technologies of optical fiber laser cutting machine:

1, Special optical fiber technology
All fiber lasers require the use of active double clad fiber and double cladding photosensitive fiber, energy transmission fiber and other fiber, with the output power increases, the requirements of the special optical fiber technology is more and more high, therefore, the development of special optical fiber will play an important role in the development of fiber lasers. Photonic crystal fiber as the representative of the new generation of special fiber will be in the development of fiber lasers and gradually get the application.
The development of special optical fiber, the active fiber gain and higher power density under greater, the pump light absorption is more effective; will make the grating fabrication easier and better stability, so that the grating grating in fiber laser of wide application; the energy transmitting optical fiber can transmit higher power the high power laser can be transmitted to the transmission distance, the wavelength range continues to expand; will make the pump coupling more easily and can withstand higher pump power, lower losses.

2, Fiber Bragg grating technology
In the all fiber laser in fiber grating, the effect is the core of the reflected laser signal to form a resonant cavity, however, with the further development of fiber laser technology, fiber grating laser will have new uses, thus making technology of fiber grating poses new challenges, one of which is worthy of attention, is in core multimode fiber grating fabrication on high quality optical fiber.

3, Cladding pumped coupling technology
The cladding pumped coupling technology of all fiber laser has an immeasurable effect on the performance and level of the fiber laser. For high power fiber laser pumped optical fiber coupler and optical fiber power synthesis device, is used in high power condition, the coupling must be very high, the loss must be very small, bear power must be large, and the number of input light is needed as much as possible.
In the limit of so many, making the pump coupler and the power synthesis device of high quality with a high degree of difficulty, but the way is also varied, this is a challenging technology. From the development trend of high power fiber lasers, also called pump coupler in the pump coupled to the inner cladding and minimize the impact and damage of double clad fiber core, so the only way in generation and transmission does not affect the laser signal under the condition of the cascade pumping, large output power. Development direction of the pump coupling device with the least influence on the core of the fiber core. For the light power device, the goal is to continuously improve the synthesis of optical power.

4, Fiber laser technology
Experience knowledge, content, technology, technology, more fiber laser machine design and production design, design and production of all fiber laser is the core and key technology, especially in the history of the development of a novel high power fiber laser is very short of today, there are a lot of pioneering work needs to be done. The design and fabrication of all fiber laser is not only needed to be designed reasonably, but also has the important task of improving the structure and scheme of the whole machine. At present in the world, the design and manufacture of the fiber laser is a lot of investment in innovation.

5, Diode pumped laser technology
The key device of semiconductor laser fiber laser. The influence of reliability and life and the production cost is crucial to the development of fiber lasers, single wide emitting region long-life semiconductor laser has become a trend in semiconductor laser fiber laser.
Continuously improve the output power of single laser, continue to reduce costs and improve the reliability is the key, the improvement and innovation of packaging structure should be the core of the work, because the current package cost proportion is very high.
All fiber laser machine design and involved in the creation of knowledge, content, technology, technology, experience and Know How more, is an all fiber laser design and fabrication of the core and key technology, especially in the history of the development of a novel high power fiber laser is also quite short today, there are a lot of pioneering work need. All fiber laser machine design and production, not only the need for application of reasonable design, improvement and innovation, and shouldering the responsibility of the whole structure and scheme of shouldering the important components and key technology improvement and innovation task. At present in the world, the fiber laser machine design and production of the manufacturers are a lot of investment in innovation.

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