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How To Use And Maintain The Optical Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2016

How to use and maintain the optical fiber laser cutting machine:

1) regular inspection of the steel strip, a certain guarantee of tension. Otherwise in the run out of the problem, there may be hurt people, serious can lead to death. The steel strip looks like a small thing, the problem is still a bit serious.

2) the straightness and verticality of the machine every six months to check the track, not normally found timely maintenance and debugging. Did not do this, it is possible to cut out the effect is not very good, the error will increase, affecting the quality of cutting. This is the most important and must be done.
3) use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust and dirt in the machine once a week.

4) each guide rail should be cleaned regularly, remove dust and other debris, to ensure that the normal rack of equipment should be regularly cleaned, and lubricating oil to ensure that no debris. Guide to regular cleaning and lubricating oil, there is always the motor cleaning and lubricating oil, the machine will move in a better place, cutting more accurate, the quality of the products will be cut out to improve.

5) the dual focal length laser cutting head is the vulnerable object on the laser cutting machine, which is used for a long time, which leads to the damage of the laser cutting head.
The fiber laser cutting machine needs regular inspection and maintenance. If there is any deformation or other form, then you should know that the laser cutting head has been a bit damaged, to be replaced. Do not replace the impact of cutting quality, increase the cost, and some products may also be processed two times, reduce production efficiency. The laser cutting head to find Chinese falilai production, the time of purchase should carefully check, so as not to use when there is a problem.

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