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How To Identify The Laser Marking Machine Is Affected By Signal Interference

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 02, 2016

How to identify the laser marking machine is affected by signal interference

Fault: Setting straight line in the computer software, marking out is the wave line.

Description: First determine the galvanometer system is no problem, change a new computer D/A card does not work, too. Galvanometer and optical bench is fully insulated. The D/A card to the galvanometer data line not problem, but the lines are playing out a wave line.

Analysis: Marking out is the wave line, the most common is caused by signal interference, the main factors of interference signal amplitude mirror with laser power supply and the acousto-optic driver, the source from the outside grid fluctuations on the vibration mirror interference effect. You can try, in the laser power driver is not open, with the light to scan out the lines, marking out the lines or wavy line. In the determination of the previous steps without disturbing the case, the first pneumatic laser power to see if there is no wave phenomenon occurred. Then the laser output power is gradually increasing, observe the traced line. Finally, starting acousto-optic device, observe the wave phenomenon in which a step, basic may judge the interference from which part. Find the interference source, come to resolve interference method.

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