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How To Avoid The Damage Caused By The Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 01, 2016

Method for preventing radiation of laser cutting machine

Radiation everywhere, the computer, mobile phone, hair dryer, as well as the copy machine and so on, which we usually using is with radiation. Appropriate protective measures to reduce the harm of radiation. Laser cutting machine to bring radiation, especially to the naked eye, can cause fatal damage, how to avoid the radiation damage of the laser cutting machine?

1. Eye

Laser cutting machine in the processing process, emitted by the laser energy in space and time is highly concentrated, if focus on the laser light for a long time, very low laser radiation can damage the cornea and the retina.

2. Skin

Excessive laser power can cause damage to the skin, if prolonged exposure may burn scars.

3. Breathing

High temperature and gas laser produced with to complete a variety of processing, at the same time, it also produces a lot of dust, especially in some special metal materials processing and smoke contains large amounts of chemical composition, dust suspended in the air, after inhalation on the human body harmful.


How to avoid the damage caused by the fiber laser cutting machine?

1. The necessary protective equipment, wearing a laser goggles. Other people in the work area do not look directly at the spark generated by laser cutting.

2. The operator can eat some carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver, rich in vitamins AC and protein food, often drink green tea, etc., these foods can help mankind better protect your eyes and allow the human body to in laser cutting machine radiation conditions, better protection of the body.

3. There must be a complete set of dust removal equipment, as far as possible in the air open environment, as far as possible to wear masks.

4. In the layout of the scene, the working environment of the site and paint a dark color, in order to reduce the radiation.

5. Do not immediately go to touch the parts of completed of cutting, so as to avoid excess heat.

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