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How The Laser Is Produced

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 05, 2016

Laser is an application of the principle of optics, how to from the ordinary light into a laser? An atom from the energy bands, down to the energy band, will emit a photon, called spontaneous emission. Atoms in the energy bands by a photon impact will be stimulated and released in a photon of the same, into two photons, called stimulated emission. If the process of stimulated emission of a photon is continuously generated, made will be more and more. As long as we put the number of atoms with high level control at a higher rate than the number of atoms of low order, then by shining laser process will continue to produce, the control of the atomic excitation luminescence device, we call it "optical amplifier".

At the speed of light moving in all directions along the light sent out, in order to let the light can be collected and continued to enlarge to be use, the resonant cavity, the generated by optical amplifier light reflector for limited within a specific range, allowing light to reflect back and forth, because the photons generated by the optical amplifier is the same, so the direction of travel will fairly consistent. Through the role of resonance cavity, can make exactly the same in the light traveling direction, that have resonance in the cavity with the same direction of light will be amplified. The rest of the different direction of the light does not enlarge, it is prerequisite for laser produced.

There is another effect of the resonant cavity, which is to limit the frequency of the laser. Light in the resonant cavity resonance must be in conformity with the L n = lambda / 2 (L: the length of the resonant cavity, lambda: wavelength, N: fixed ratio), so not all frequency of light can produce a resonance in the cavity, but only in accordance with the rules will produce resonance. However, the cavity length (L) can be up to several meters, and the light wavelength (lambda) is in microns units, between the two difference 100 million times, that is in line with the conditions of n to a large extent, not just a single frequency. At the same time, it gives us the conditions for the construction of a pulsed laser.

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