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High Gas Temperature Will Affect The Normal Use Of CO2 Laser Tube

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 12, 2016

The use of CO2 laser tube can not be separated from the gas temperature control, which is why the CO2 laser tube is very important. Summer, air temperature is higher, the air humidity is high, when there is no cold water device or water protection system is not open, the CO2 laser tube gas temperature will rise sharply, even if not burst pipes, when the gas temperature is too high will cause the upper laser level fire laser excitation and level of thermal excitation, which will reduce the particle number inversion. And the increase of gas temperature will make the spectral line broadening, results in the decrease of the gain coefficient, will also cause the CO2 molecule decomposition, reducing the concentration of CO2 molecules within the tube. These factors will cause the output power of CO2 laser tube to drop, and even produce "temperature quenching". In the summer, the water is easy to heat, pay attention to change the water.

Water temperature should be controlled at about thirty degrees, if the temperature difference between inside and outside is very big, the tube of the glass cavity is easy to crack, pay attention to the indoor temperature in winter, and the temperature of the cooling water. The cooling water in the cold area should not be frozen, and the cooling water is not allowed to be stored in the laser tube after the winter, especially when the laser is shut down.

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