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For The Laser Cutting Process, The Evaluation Of Its Processing Quality Mainly Includes The Following Principles:

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 06, 2016

For the laser cutting process, the evaluation of its processing quality mainly includes the following principles:

1. Cutting smooth, no stripes, no brittle fracture;

2. Slit width is narrow, which is mainly related to the laser beam spot diameter;

3. Cut good verticality, small heat affected zone;

4. No material burning, no melting layer is formed, no large slag;

5. Surface roughness of the cut surface, the size of the surface roughness is the key to measure the surface quality of laser cutting.

6. Cutting material thermal effect

In addition to the above principles, the state of the melting layer and the final forming process of the melt layer directly affect the evaluation index of the quality of the above processes.

Laser cutting surface roughness mainly depends on the following three aspects:

1. The intrinsic parameters of the cutting system, such as the spot mode, focal length, etc.;

2. The process parameters such as power size, cutting speed, auxiliary gas type and pressure can be adjusted during the cutting process;

3. The physical properties of the materials, such as the absorption rate, the melting point, the viscosity coefficient of molten metal oxide, the surface tension of metal oxide, etc..

In addition, the thickness of the processed parts also has a great influence on the surface quality of laser cutting. Relatively speaking, the thickness of the metal workpiece is smaller, the cutting surface roughness grade is higher.

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