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Cutting Of Titanium Alloys

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 11, 2016

Titanium alloys can be divided into the categories?

Isomers of titanium is the same element, the melting point of 1720, lower than the 882 c is close packed hexagonal lattice structure, known as Alpha-TI; more than 882 c is body-centered cubic structure, known as Beta Titanium. Use these two structures of different characteristics of titanium, and adding the appropriate elements, and its phase transition temperature and phase content of titanium alloys began to change and be different. At room temperature, there are three matrix of titanium alloy, and titanium alloys are divided into the following three categories:

Α titanium alloys: it is Alpha solid solution composed of a single gold, whether in normal temperatures or in the practical application of high temperature are the α phase, organizational stability, wear resistance is higher than pure titanium, strong oxidation resistance. At 500 ¡æ ~600 ¡æ temperature, maintained its strength and creep resistance, but not heat, low strength at room temperature.

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