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CO2 Laser Cutting / Engraving Machine - Laser Not Working

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 16, 2016

The machine runs out of the laser in the cutting process.

1. Check the water tank alarm

A. Be alarm: connect water in/out port with a pipe, let water tank on electric, to check if be alarm again, if still be alarm, water tank is broken, if not, the laser tube water cycle might be not good, check the water pipe is bend , check the tank water also, if not pure, please change pure water.

B. No alarm, check whether the laser power fan in the turn. The laser power supply fan is rotating, then let the laser power supply is short connected with the power supply of the electric wire.

2. Check the laser tube is light out, out of the light, the motion control card above line is loose, or moving motion control card is broken (replacement board). Not out of light, the laser power is bad. (less likely is laser tube bad) (check the laser tube high pressure end spark phenomenon, the ignition to burn the laser power supply board and electronic components). The laser power supply fan does not turn, with pencil test of laser power supply 220V port, if there is power. There is electricity, the power of the laser is bad. (maintenance or replacement of the power supply); no power, check the laser power switch, the line.


Machine on but laser not coming out, the operator is not very familiar with the process of machine operation.

To check the following aspects

1, laser power switch is open.

2, the water tank is open.

3, the machine operation panel, the power is correct. Whether the computer software parameters are correct or not.

4, optical path is normal. (according to the light to see if the laser tube is bright, light and laser head is not light, then there is a problem of light path)

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