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China Laser Processing Machine Tool Imports Analysis

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 20, 2016

CNC machine tools began in China in the late 1950s, has experienced the start (1958-1979 years), the introduction of technology and development (1980-1989), rapid development (since 1990) three stages.

At present, China's CNC machine tool in terms of product variety, technical level, quality and yield have made great progress, and made major breakthrough in key technologies, nanometer processing and sub micron processing technology; the five axis linkage CNC machine, compound machine tool of high-grade machine bed, has been gradually realized the localization; since the late 90s of the 20th century, China gradually mastered the mainstream technology of CNC system, this technology is NC machine tool central nervous system, with the world advanced technology to maintain the synchronization.

At present, the domestic CNC system products, low-grade can all meet the domestic demand, mid-range can meet more than 50%, high-grade products still need to import.

Laser material processing machine tools, Chinese enterprises through the introduction of technology, absorption, innovation, independent research and development, restructuring and mergers and acquisitions, has formed a number of local laser machine tool manufacturers have certain strength. With the government to increase investment in the field of laser, more and more enterprises to enter the laser industry, to promote the rapid development of China's laser processing machine.

2012 data show that China's from Germany imported $2.7 billion in laser processing a variety of materials processing machine, grew 47.7%, occupy market share was 34.2%; imported by ultrasonic processing various materials machining tool with an increase of 122.1%, market share is 38.5%; by electrochemical, electron beam processing material processing machine tool imports fell 41.1%, market share was 24.9%.

Combination machine tools and machining center, China from the year of German imports of other metal processing machining center growth of 34.0%, market share was 47.8%; imported single station combined machine tool growth reached 442.3%, market share was 62.3%; imports of multi station combination machine tools increased by 44.6% and a volume was 38.3%.

Lathes, imported from Germany, other CNC lathes fell 0.7%, the market share of 27.4%; imports of other lathes increased by 603.3%, the share of 36.7%.

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