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Bulb Lamp Laser Marking Machine

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 27, 2016

LED bulb, the name comes from its spherical bulb appearance, its internal source selection is LED lamp. LED bulb lamp can replace the traditional lamp, because it has obvious advantages, one is energy saving and environmental protection, the two is its long service life. Therefore, LED bulb lamp is a new type of green light source to replace the traditional incandescent lamp.

This marking equipment, multi station, automatic rotation of the laser marking machine, so as to meet the requirements of the laser marking football bubble. It is small in size, with no light leakage, high anti resistance etc.. Therefore, even in the aluminum, copper, silver and other high material on the processing will not be the shadow and virtual broken and so on. The bulb laser marking machine is widely used in pig iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, zinc plating, plastic and other materials.

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