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Application Of Three Dimensional Laser Cutting In Automobile Die Manufacture

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 08, 2016

1. Advantages of three dimensional laser cutting:
First, the 3D laser cutting flexible high degree, in the product changes, such as surface, change of trimming and hole, just to change the laser cutting offline program, because of its use of the fixture is relatively simple, so the fixture is also convenient to change. Secondly, 3D laser cutting is more efficient, accurate, less pollution, less labor intensity and cost saving.
The 3D laser cutting has these advantages, it is widely used in the automotive industry, it can be convenient to realize 3D trimming and punching of automobile panels, can also replace the trimming and punching die in the trial of some small batch, even in some parts of the production models of trimming and punching process completely by replacing the 3D laser cutting.
2. Application of three dimensional laser cutting machine:
Our factory is a leading enterprise in the production of automobile panel dies, and at present, the three dimensional laser cutting equipment is used by the German 19044ZXB company Arnold Longmen laser processing system. Although the three-dimensional laser cutting system to improve production efficiency, but there are some problems that affect the efficiency and quality of production.
(1) programming three dimensional laser cutting with two kinds of teaching and offline. For teaching programming: first of all, showing a long time teaching programming. For example, a car side trimming hole cutting programming need about two days time, the programming workload, high labor intensity, and the editing process error prone points. Second, the program's poor. Symmetrical parts (such as the left and right wings) need to repeat the program preparation. But in the high accuracy of teaching programming, because it is a step by step through a large number of data acquisition of procedures, so that the program later altered the amount of small, and save the cost of buying the software, for the use of machine time on the production task is not busy business is right.
For off-line programming: programming software using the NC programming of the workpiece. The advantages of this approach, first, high efficiency, high programming speed; secondly, does not occupy the machine, can be prepared in advance a number of procedures, convenient to arrange production; and such procedures to facilitate change, symmetrical workpiece without need to repeat programming. Compared with the teaching program, not a full size line, just a few lines point (more than three) can be. But this programming method of low accuracy, large changes in the late. Because the off-line program in machining program positioning of the coordinate system is compared with the theoretical coordinate values in the data model through the actual line acquisition machine coordinate point value, through a certain algorithm fitting procedure. That is to say, it can make corresponding adjustment to the deviation of the actual work piece, make the procedure of the track more close to the actual work piece. But this strategy almost certainly, the actual processing of the workpiece will be biased. And the acquisition of data points are generally located in a more easy to collect area, just according to the deviation between the three points back and forth moving coordinate system, it is inevitable that all can not be taken into account. Therefore, in actual production, it is necessary to adjust the program.
(2) there are usually two ways to make the support bracket. One is inserted in the plate, that is, by cutting out the corresponding shape of the steel plate, each other to build up. This method is fast and efficient, and it is a kind of coarse positioning. Another is to use a steel bar (tube) welded on the base and the product lap part or the use of part of the old parts (manual cutting down), or the use of resin blocks and products attached. This method is closer to the actual workpiece. The 3D laser cutting is the main face of drawing, can not use pins holes to position, only to rely on the shape of the workpiece positioning, and the deformation of sheet metal parts and relatively large, so the production in the bracket with a magnet to strengthen positioning.
(3) laser cutting system I plant the use of three-dimensional laser cutting machine tool is two oxidation. Carbon slab laser, laser generator needs to pass through the optical system composed of reflective lenses in each shaft of the machine tool (called light path) to the focusing mirror laser cutting head, by focusing the parallel light beam into light irradiation on the workpiece, the melting and blowing finished cutting scraps work. Many factors affect the quality of laser cutting, laser power, modal frequency, the transmission efficiency of the optical system stability, and processing of materials light reflectivity, cutting the gas type, gas pressure, cutting nozzle diameter, nozzle shape, focus position cutting, focus position punching, cutting power with the speed of the corresponding. These are the factors that should be considered in laser cutting, and the 3D laser cutting is needed to face the machining state of the cutting nozzle and the workpiece when the workpiece is not vertical. This is caused by the shape of the product and the cutting of the head, and sometimes this interference makes the process can not be successfully completed, had to change the process. The 3D laser cutting high requirements on the accuracy of optical path, even if the A axis machine tool (B axis) and C axis large angle, but also to ensure the spot appears in the middle position of the nozzle cannot have large deviation.

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