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Application Of Laser Technology In Textile Processing

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2016

In traditional industries, laser technology has the advantages of small heat affected zone, no pollution, high processing precision, high efficiency, low cost and so on. In textile processing, common processing is laser cutting, laser sewing, laser deformed, laser marking, laser embroidery etc., laser cutting is a efficient and precise of fabric cutting way, incision is clean and neat, no char; laser sewing is similar like laser welding, irradiated by the laser beam to fiber polymer rapid melting and bond together, sewing effect can reach acupuncture anchoring effect; laser deformation can improve the quality of yarn, after laser deformation of textile fabric after dyeing is uniform shade of difference, and does not appear hook wire and other defects.

The garment industry more popular use laser technology to produce a variety of patterns, compared with the traditional way, laser embroidery, convenient and flexible change pattern, image is clear, three-dimensional sense of strong, and laser embroidery and hollowing techniques combined, improve the effect of embroidery on textile fabrics, laser marking is often used to print the brand logo, with clearly marked, never wear effect, for brand security an excellent choice.

Laser processing technology has brought the revolution in the textile industry, its good processing results to meet the aesthetic requirements of the modern people, believe that the future of social laser technology will continue to deepen the field of textile processing.

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