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Application Of Laser Marking In Food Packaging Industry

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 29, 2016

In the field of food industry, packaging has been a subject that is of particular concern to everyone, food safety is regarded as very important, here we will talk about the laser printer and the application value in the food packaging industry, the laser technology provides us a good solution in this area, such as consumer purchase puffed food, packing bag seal is not good enough, some tight sealing, torn along the dotted line is very difficult, so there have been some food packaging in the open when it is difficult to control efforts, these are the consumers headaches things, but the laser printer laser system, can do on a single line soft packaging film. This was the perfect soft packaging easy tearing effect, and can keep the film integrity, the outer membrane intact, allowing us can effectively prevent the packaging of goods to see light and moisture. On the other hand, the aluminum foil layer or other film coated with metal layer, then become a barrier to the laser barrier to other material layer. Therefore, the characteristics of these materials can make the laser technology in the packaging materials for accurate positioning, marking. At the same time, tear line through the eye visible, then open the package to consumers is an easy job to do. Laser marking and laser drilling technology to effectively prevent the expansion of small holes, to avoid damage to the integrity of the packaging, can also have a good air permeability, moisture effect.

Laser coding technology in all walks of life are widely used, in the electronics industry applications, aerospace technology applications, mobile phone accessories transparent key application, car and motorcycle spare parts application and military products, sanitary ware applications and cosmetics, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, jewelry, craft gifts, such as various metal and nonmetal material widely used.

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