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A New Era Of Laser Marker Has Arrived

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 13, 2016

A new era of laser marker has arrived. The laser marker has been from the food and beverage industry gradually began to develop electric wire and cable, battery etc.. Wire and cable markers generally used traditional ink printing, pollution and the use of high cost, large consumption of ink. It is understood that a medium-sized enterprises in the procurement of ink costs to reach millions of million. And laser marking equipment early input costs will be a little higher, but it does not have any supplies, power consumption is relatively low, the long term absolute benefit a lot.

Food packaging or beverage bottles will be printed on production date and expiration date, before is used in ink jet printer, you can change the wipe, can not play a good role in anti fake. But now they are all use the laser to spurt the code up, once sprayed again also cannot be changed, is to ensure that the quality of the goods and let some unscrupulous traders exploits. Laser to spurt the code machine for wire and cable industry is also of great significance: means that the cable product date, batch number, brand, serial number, two-dimensional code, such as identity once spray again also cannot be changed to larger security role. It means can resist a part of fake and shoddy, prevent unscrupulous manufacturers can take advantage of organic. It means a certain effect to resist to the chaos in the wire and cable industry, so as to enhance the quality of wire and cable products.

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