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5 Factors Will Affect The Quality Of CO2 Laser Cutting

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 10, 2016

CO2 laser, mainly by the CO2, nitrogen, helium three kinds of gas composition. CO2 is a gas, nitrogen and helium gas that produces laser radiation. CO2 laser is widely used in cutting industry. 5 factors will affect the quality of CO2 laser cutting:

1. Incentive model. CO2 laser is the use of carbon dioxide gas to produce a laser, according to the installation location of the metal electrode can be divided into DC excitation and RF excitation.

2. Laser frequency. Divided into pulse output and continuous output, for cutting and welding laser with pulse output, pulse frequency of the main effects of cutting speed and cutting roughness, to obtain high speed cutting and high frequency is essential. At present, most manufacturers produce CO2 laser frequency is less than 5000Hz.

3. Beam divergence angle. From a strict point of view, the beam divergence does not belong to the part of the laser, but because the mode of the laser on the far field divergence angle, so we put it here together to discuss. The influence of beam divergence angle on the cutting quality is reflected in the width and slope of the cut, the smaller the divergence angle, the smaller the slope, the higher the quality.

4. Laser mode. One of the most important indicators to measure the laser quality. Can be divided into single mode, mode and multimode. Basic mode is TEM00 mode, it is in the X and Y axis index was 0, so it is an ideal dot. The minimum laser beam diameter can be obtained by the laser with TEM00 mode, and the minimum cutting seam and faster cutting speed can be obtained when the laser spot is small. Multimode is in the XY direction are non 0 index, the beam quality is poor, generally used only with welding and cutting.

5. Laser cutting machine, laser power. Including peak power, energy stability and other elements. Different power in sheet metal cutting can be cut through the thickness of the different, to 4kw laser as an example. It can cutting 20mm thick carbon steel or 15mm stainless steel 10mm aluminum alloy; and more than 5kW laser can cutting 25mm thick carbon steel, stainless steel up to 20mm. Another indicator of power is power stability, excellent cutting quality, and must be excellent throughout the incision. Long term production of the laser is also a very important test. Due to the electrode erosion, the DC excited laser has resulted in the power attenuation in the long term. In addition, because of some laser vacuum pumps and pump turbines using lubricating oil lubrication, resulting in lubricating oil pollution laser resonant cavity, and shortens the laser life.

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