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3D Laser Cutting Machine Can Greatly Improve The Processing Efficiency And Accuracy

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 29, 2016

3D laser cutting,  welding integrated machine, instead of the traditional way of processing, reduce the rate of use of mold, greatly shorten the development cycle of automobile manufacturers and parts suppliers, improve the machining efficiency and the work precision, reduces the production cost.

SR series can achieve dynamic 2D, 3D cutting a molding, flexible processing. Robot structure in accordance with human engineering design, even the most complex surface processing, can also be simple to complete the operation. Three-dimensional fiber laser cutting machine is made up of special optical fiber laser cutting head, the tracking system of high precision capacitive, fiber laser and an industrial robot system, for different thickness of sheet metal were multi angle, multi direction flexible cutting advanced laser cutting equipment.

Features: use of industrial robot flexible and fast action performance, according to the user the cutting processing of the workpiece size by the robot, and teach programming or off-line programming of different products and different path, through the fiber laser cutting head of irregular workpieces of three-dimensional cutting; using fiber laser was transmitted to the cutting head, again, using a focused were focused, multi-faceted cutting is carried out on a variety of three-dimensional sheet metal.

Advantages: according to the thickness of the metal plate is different, the power of the selected fiber laser is not the same; different power lasers with different cooling system, in order to protect the normal operation of the laser. At the same time, according to the working radius of the robot arm and the size of the workpiece, the appropriate length of the operation of optical fiber transmission is selected to meet the cutting requirements.

Through fixed gantry upside down robot, or vertical fixed robot base, fiber laser transmission quality of laser cutting head, independently developed PLC integrated control robots and lasers components and of three-dimensional parts were profiled processing.

Application: automobile manufacturing industry: auto parts, auto body, auto door frame, the trunk of the car, car roof cover various aspects. Three dimensional laser cutting machine in the domestic automobile manufacturing, auto parts and engineering machinery processing industry, such as the successful application has achieved great success.

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