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2D Code Laser Marking

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 28, 2016

2D code is a product of intelligent electronic technology, compared to the bar code and string, the information contained in more extensive, often used in the field of information dissemination and industrial information control.

A product, from material storage, production, testing, delivery of cargo from storage to the hands of consumers, to achieve tracking and consumer products, internal product quality control, establish a complete data traceability system to achieve two goals. One is internal quality control back, another is external product traceability.

Internal quality control traceability

Implementation of tracing the production batches, suppliers, process, failure rate, information, through the database system can query, to different batches of defective products in the database query, back to where a supplier, work time information. Specific operational procedures of materials for the library for laser marking, mark or two-dimensional code is a string, of different batches and different suppliers, laser marking different two-dimensional code or a string, delivered to a processing workshop. Through the intelligent recognition system and monitoring to the material with state, know material to which step, is expected to be long processing time, time information processing is finished, appearing in the process of non-performing rate or said is defective products automatically remove, through visual identification can be judged is the step in question, the batch in question, the supplier can be at a glance understanding to the detailed information. After processing into the finished product, the two laser marking, marking the only batch, anti tampering, with a permanent two-dimensional code, production date or logo, string and other information. Again through the visual recognition system into the database system, combined with the external traceability system.

External product traceability

Mainly sent to the dealer or direct consumers to facilitate users through the two-dimensional code read the code to understand the way the product details. Date back to the date of production, materials, parameters and so on. Part of the food industry customers have the source of food, production, delivery, sales of the entire process of monitoring.

To sum up, the two-dimensional code laser marking system, in fact, is the quality of traceability and user quality monitoring and tracing back to two parts, the difference between the different industries.

Currently on the market application to the two-dimensional code laser tracing system is not very common, mainly used in the field of industrial electronics and food.

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