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What are common problems in the process of wedm?

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 11, 2016

1. after emulsified oil flush fluid does not emulsify

In emulsion oil of production process in the General will joined some volatile sex of stable agent, if in production process in the cannot by process requirements operation or using has inferior of based oil as raw materials are has may produced this phenomenon, processing this problem of most simple of approach is joined some can emulsion of emulsion oil, mixing Hou on can makes its emulsion, or joined some alcohol, proportion control in 1%-2% around.

2. cutting the workpiece does not move

In actual cutting process in the often will encountered artifacts cutting not moving of situation, sometimes fundamental cannot cutting, this situation General occurred in high thickness cutting or cutting as stainless steel, difficult processing material Shi, its fundamental of reasons is work liquid not has good of took except corrosion except product of characteristics, emergency of approach is joined some washing fine or will work liquid of concentration increased, but most fundamental of approach is for with good of work liquid. (In some areas due to the use of hard water flush liquid will cut fixed problems)

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