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Operation of the grinder should pay attention to what issues?

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 11, 2016

1. the operations operators must wear protective masks, aprons and other protective equipment and buckle clothing, and banded cuffs, no operating gloves;

2. strict inspection system for equipment inspection, and make records; grinders use requirements the grinder before refueling, watering, check the oil, water, oil, water is normal. Circuit, circuit determines the flow; maintain lubrication system cleaning, fuel tanks, water tanks shall not be opened;

3. check whether the handles in the specified location, manipulation is flexible, complete safety protection device is intact. The connection parts are fastened actuator is a complete and flexible;

4. placed before the workpiece, open wheel cover, rotating wheel with your hands, check the tightness of wheel, completeness and balance. Should use different materials for the different material grinding wheels. For more than 8 hours of downtime should be empty 3-5 minutes to make the system work properly after use;

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