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How to proper operation of machining centers to extend service life

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 11, 2016

With the development of machining center market, its correct operation method also to month attention. High speed machining center using the problems needing attention in the use of the environment in order to improve the life of CNC equipment, General requirements to avoid direct sunlight and heat radiation, to avoid excessive humidity, dust or corrosive gases in place. Equipment to stay away from the vibration of the equipment, such as punching, forging equipment, etc.

High speed machining centers not suitable for long-term storage, no processing tasks, the machine should power on a regular basis, preferably powered 2~3 times a week, runs around 1 o'clock at a time, to take advantage of the machine's own heat to reduce the humidity within the machine, keep the electronic components from moisture, but also can be found with or without low battery alarm to prevent system setting parameters are missing.

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