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Drilling by Laser cutting machine

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 26, 2016

The process of laser drilling is a process of the interaction between the laser and the material, which is very complicated. There are many factors that affect the quality of laser drilling. In order to obtain high quality hole, the general principle and characteristics of laser drilling should be based on the analysis and understanding of the parameters that affect the quality of drilling hole.

1 Drilling strategy:

A . Detailed understanding of drilling materials and requirements;

B . Simulation experiment and detection;

C . Design convenient and quick tooling fixture;

D . Design program;

E . To implement effective drilling process and necessary testing.

2 The main parameters affecting the quality of drilling

Including: the energy of laser pulse, the pulse width, the amount of out of focus, the repetition rate of the pulse laser, the properties of the material being processed.

3 Auxiliary process

In order to improve the precision of laser drilling, some auxiliary process and technical measures are needed, including the following five points:

A . A positive pressure is applied to the surface of the workpiece, or a low pressure chamber is arranged on the opposite side of the workpiece, which can help to remove the vaporization material and increase the discharge of the liquid during the punching process.

B .In the workpiece below the safe position of a photoelectric detector, can detect the workpiece to penetrate or not.

C . The use of liquid film or metal platinum cover the workpiece, can make the taper of the hole decreases, and prevent the liquid from splashing.

D . In order to prevent the accumulation of molten material in a timely manner, the vaporization temperature is lower than the material being processed material melting temperature of the material into the back of the processed workpiece.

E uses laser as a tool to make pores on the work piece, and then use other methods to achieve the required accuracy. Uses generally at present is carborundum mechanical processing, punch, wire diameter finishing, chemical corrosion method and so on.

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