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Analysis on vertical dynamic characteristics of machine tool spindle system

Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 11, 2016

Finite element analysis and calculation methods are widely used in mechanical engineering, finite element analysis of the spindle, this paper first requires the establishment of finite element model of the spindle, including setting material for spindle model parameters, meshing and boundary conditions imposed, including boundary conditions can be considered bearing support, that is, add the location of the bearing with elastic stiffness values of constraints. Spindle can we use finite element method modal analysis and harmonic analysis.

Modal analysis of spindle

When the spindle rotation, away from the center of mass to cyclical changes in the direction of the shaft axis inertial forces, this inertial force is a major cause of transverse vibration of the stir shaft. When the spindle speed is close to or through its critical speed, the vibration is very strong. Modal analysis to determine the natural frequency and vibration mode of institutions, so as to avoid excessive vibration spindle work.

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